This drug made to eliminate erectile dysfunction.


Silagra is a treatment for male erectile Dysfunction.

  • After lots of research, development and decisions to make something more advanced in the field of drugs to correct erectile dysfunction, was made a tool that is now unique pill for men to help them on the love field. It is a drug- Silagra. It works flawlessly and allows men at any time of a day or night to enter into intimate relations within half an hour after the application of pills.

This drug made to eliminate erectile dysfunction. The structure of the means, as in conventional blue tablets include the same active ingredient, which is sildenafil. Its concentration is 100 mg. Needless to say, this is the maximum tolerable daily intake, which can be consumed at one time. If you want to enjoy the whole extravaganzas feelings, you can take one pill, and if it will be enough and just bright emotions from lovemaking, then half the dosage – the best option. Don’t try to break the tablet into 2 pieces, you better get the first dose 50 mg.

It is worth noting that Silagra, which can already be found in our online store, not a pathogen and only works if man feels a desire to sexual object. If not, the tool will not work. Multiple drug test passed, during which showed excellent performance. After 10 minutes, sometimes even less, preparation for potency ready to work. Getting in blood, sildenafil begins to activate its effect, whereby it actively enters the penis.

Filling the erectile tissues of the penis to the maximum, in response to the desire comes a powerful erection that can be repeated several times as long as the agent. Hours tablets up to 10 hours. This means that during this period, at any time you can repeat the pleasant and enjoy great sex.

As already mentioned, Viagra – Silagra for men in the 21st century – a similar blue pills remedy. The truth is a little improved. The fact that all the usual preparation for potency has multiple contraindications. Including diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and strongly excited men, simply put, priapism in which an erection lasts even after orgasm. Side effects are not common, but they happen. They are not so serious, but nevertheless have a place to be. Developing a new tool, all these shortcomings were addressed in order to get a good pill Viagra with much less unpleasant moments.

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