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Hygiene for man

What is hygiene – everyone knows it.

Here is some information about: how to care of your own genitals and perineum, many men may not know it. And some do not really take care of themselves enough, sometimes marveling at the appropriate response on the part of women.

Parents need to teach boys to watch their sexual organs from an early age, to tell them how to keep clean genitals. This rules should be met by every man.


  • Typically, fresh urine is neutral and has a pungent smell. But in contact with a drop of urine on the underwear thanks to the warmth of the groin begin to develop bacteria which lead to the often repulsive odor. After urinating, it is desirable to wash the glans penis with soap hygiene, then you need to wipe dry penis. If this is not possible, using sanitary napkins clean dry residues of urine from the head member. But we must remember that after emptying the bladder, a member should remain dry. How much would you not shaking his advantage over the toilet, it is still the last drop is inside the laundry!


  • Underwear should be of a light fabric, which is easy to absorb moisture. Recommended material – cotton. In no case does not need to use clothes from synthetic fabric, it does not help the air circulation and keeping the temperature of the perineum. Also, it should not be used all kinds of talc to the perineum and genitals. Yes absorbent, but very seriously clog the pores, which may lead to rash, or worse, various diseases. And yet, underwear should fit snugly to the body.


  • During the day at the head of the penis under the foreskin, in the folds of a bridle accumulated smegma. This substance – a paradise for bacteria, which soon will be felt very unpleasant odor and inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to wash at least once a day, and even more often. How to wash the penis?
  • In the first place – to wash their hands thoroughly, then no need to wipe the towel which, in fact, has on its surface a great number of bacteria. Water should be warm, it is good to wash greasy allocation and enough soap foam. Do not be afraid to use soap in large quantities, but it will help to soften and wash well then release. For these purposes it is better to use baby soap, and not all kinds of perfumed gels that create the effect of a purity. The first step is to thoroughly wash the penis itself, and around the groin. Next you need to pull the foreskin and wash the head. Particular attention should be paid to the rim, the base of the head and bridle. After all done operations should be carefully rinsed all the genital area with plenty of cold water. You can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate for the destruction of harmful bacteria and microbes.


  • Testicular temperature should be below about 4 degrees of body temperature. Increasing the temperature of the testicles even for a short period of time can contribute to disruption of sperm production. Even a slight dip, and especially long-term methods of hot tubs, can impair the ability to fertilize for six months. Men who are mostly sedentary, should stand up, walk around, do a warm-up to improve circulation of the pelvic organs, as well as to the scrotum at the time separated from the body heat. It is recommended to wear loose boxer shorts instead of tight thong. At least at home, and even more so at night, do not wear tight underwear or pajamas.


  • Always after a bowel movement should be cleaned the area of ​​the anus is very soft toilet paper in the direction of the scrotum. If possible, it is necessary to wash with cool running water. Otherwise, the delicate skin around the anus can become irritated and painful. Do not allow contact with the remnants of calla on the genitals.


  • It is highly recommended not to run to the disgrace hairy groin. If possible, periodically need to trim your hair groin, and if there is no reaction in the form of irritation, shave the scrotum and the base of the penis. As a rule, the partner would not be very nice to look in the bushes penis numerous curls, or worse, to feel invisible in the language of your hard stunning hair length. Incidentally, the length of the hair in the armpits should be given equal attention. But as a rule, most men do not look after androgen scalp.

Sexual act

  • Keep in mind the most important thing about what everyone should know a real man. Before and after the sex, do the following: take a common shower, wash thoroughly wash the penis and perineum. Forget the fact that in the movies, allegedly after a rough sex and orgasm fantastic man and a woman embracing each other, he immediately went to sleep tired and happy. In such cases, waking up in the morning, in addition to the appropriate odor, you will find a nasty surprise: inflammation of the foreskin and the area around the urethra. Find the strength to lie down to rest and clean and absolutely self-confident man!

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